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Welcome to the Digital Success Network!

We are a team of successful digital marketers who are passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and financial goals with articles and resources regarding all aspects of online marketing and sales.

We got our start in 2005 when online marketing was still in its infancy, starting with affiliate marketing, Google AdWords and selling digital information products.

Fast-forward to today, and we still do all that, but also white label Amazon products, dropshipping, FB advertising, and SAAS. We also love to help thousands of students create their own profitable online businesses in our long-running private membership site, Online Marketing Classroom, as well as those who have joined our Udemy courses.

Every week we publish the latest tips, techniques and methods that we ourselves use in our day-to-day business … check out some of our latest articles here:

Why Digital Success Network?

Simply put, we WANT you to succeed! This website is dedicated to helping others learn the fundamental skills necessary to succeed and thrive online. 

Begin learning such valuable skills like:

  • Irresistible copywriting formulas and best practices
  • Money-making ecommerce tips and skills
  • Millionaire business mindset
  • Creating laser-focus and boosting your productivity
  • Building highly-converting sales funnels


And much, much more!

We also devote a lot of attention to some of the most successful business models being practiced online today, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling branded, white-label products (on and off Amazon)
  • Adwords and Facebook Advertising
  • Selling digital products from online marketplaces, such as Clickbank
  • Creating your own infoproduct empire
  • Building a thriving ecommerce businesses
  • Leveraging the power of organic and local SEO
  • Starting your own digital marketing agency

Who Is Digital Success Network?

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth

Aidan has been a digital marketer since 2005, and has been teaching thousands of others become successful since 2009. He regularly speaks at events and personally mentors dozens of students, most of whom have founded multi-million dollar online businesses themselves. He grew up in a farm in New Zealand, and now lives with his wife and children in Argentina.

Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton

Steve spent the first part of his working life in Corporate America, and Chief Information Officer for a Fortune 500 company. However, wishing for more time and location freedom, he started his own affiliate marketing company. Launching into SEM consulting and digital marketing ventures now worth over $10M, he's never looked back!

Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey

Tim has founded and run a number of successful online businesses since 2005, including Amazon white label brands, affiliate marketing websites and business start-ups. He is currently CEO of Online Marketing Classroom, helping thousands of students achieve their financial dreams. He lives in England with his family.

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