An A to B Guide on Split Testing

I used to hand out flyers to gain more customers. I personalized these to promote myself as the area rep of a company. Most would glance at and pocket my flyer. Others would return it after a look. Some would ask questions and promise to call (Few actually did). I

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How to Create a Killer Landing Page

The tried and tested landing page. The most important marketing technique to learn in your online career is how to create a web page that converts visitors into leads for your business. This is usually the page a visitor goes to after they click an ad. You paid for that

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How To Promote and Host a Virtual Event for Your Business

“Thanks for being interested in our virtual event. We have reserved an online seat for you!” Who would have thought that virtual events would be trending today? Frankly, we’ve already been heading in that direction with our marketing. Current events have only hastened what our future business opportunities will be.

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What Are Native Ads, And Should You Use Them?

Quick…name the most common online advertising platforms today? You’ll likely mention Facebook Advertising and Google Ads. You would be absolutely correct. These ad platforms are fantastic for converting cold, warm and hot traffic. What you might not know is that there are different ways to present advertising, and native ads

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Need More Traffic? Think Facebook Groups!

So, you have a Facebook Page for your business. How about a Facebook Group? Unlike pages, groups are geared more towards a “community” of people, rather than a business’s one-sided updates and posts. Facebook originally created groups as a place for people to share a common interest, and in the

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