The Secret Psychology of Making Sales

All business revolves around sales. It’s the most valuable skill you can learn. Once you learn to sell anything, you aren’t going to have any issues making money.  This post will take you through the psychology of selling to understand what gets people to buy, in any niche and for

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How To Turbo-Charge Your Productivity to Boost Your Earnings

Maximizing your productivity is crucial as an entrepreneur. Your earning potential is dramatically affected by how well you organize not only your work, but your mental processes and habits as well. Simply put, the more websites, products, sales funnels and other assets you’re able to create – the higher your

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The Formula for Writing Irresistible Video Sales Letters

Some people claim video sales letters don’t work anymore, they don’t like them, or they’d never buy from one. Yet the data proves otherwise. Most successful products on Clickbank use a VSL, simply because they work. What is a VSL? A video sales letter, also called a VSL, is essentially

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