How to Refocus to Get More Done in Your Business

The first quarter is over, but maybe you feel bad at not accomplishing as much as you would have liked. Sometimes, not everything goes according to plan. Each day, you have to deal with all the “little stuff” you have no control over. How can you plan for a child

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How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

Finding the right e-commerce platform for your business can be a challenge. It’s no different than searching for a physical location or deciding what inventory management software to use. There are multiple platforms to choose from, and all assert that they are better than the others. Whatever choice you make,

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Proven Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

A fellow digital marketer recently asked me how to reduce shopping cart abandonment. On her site, over 60% of people who placed items in their shopping cart leave before completing their purchase. It’s still better than the worldwide average abandonment rate of about 70% worldwide, and over 85% for mobile

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Should You Set Up Facebook Shop?

Thousands of small businesses were forced to shift online in the last year due to lockdowns. Many were caught unprepared by the costs and the technical skills required to get online. As most of us know, starting and maintaining a digital shop can be expensive. Many small brick-and-mortar stores aren’t

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