14 Best E-Commerce Marketing Strategies for 2021

In just three months in 2020, eCommerce sales in the U.S. skyrocketed and broke all the previous decade’s records. The pandemic forced people who had never shopped online to do so … and are now comfortable doing so. Baby boomers and older generations joined millennials in boosting eCommerce growth. But

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Top 7 Google Ranking Factors for 2021

One of the very first ways to get traffic on the Internet was ranking in the search engines, and this has never been truer today. While the strategies and tactics to rank on Google have vastly changed in the last two decades, the end result for quality SEO and authoritative

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Connect With Your Customers Using Conversational Commerce

As a business, you should of course be connecting with all your customers, wherever you are. Usually this is through your website, phone and email. However, unless you have a huge budget for a customer service center, as a business owner you can’t be everywhere at once. Enter conversational commerce.

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