What Everybody Ought to Know About Content Marketing

You may have heard about the concept of “content marketing” without quite understanding what it means. Simply put, content marketing refers to interesting and educational information distributed to a target audience for the purposes of advertising. It’s not a new concept, but actually goes back to the late 1800’s with

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The Secret to Creating Irresistible Headlines

Competition between newspapers and direct mail marketing in the late 19th century gave birth to large-font headlines. Not only did these inform, but they were emotive as well. Today, of course, it’s no longer newspapers alone that compete for our attention. It’s not enough to be ranked in the top

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How to Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans

Raving (adverb): excessively passionate       Fan (noun): an ardent admirer or enthusiast Does your business have raving fans? People who passionately talk about your brand, refer you to others, and repeatedly buy your products or services? If we want our business to grow, we need to turn our buying customers

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How to Work from Home (Without Losing Your Mind)

So you’re working from home. You and other first time home-office workers may think this is a dream come true. You don’t have to wake up early, dress up, and that hour-long commute is history. It’s time to celebrate! However, before you whoop it up because you’re now working at

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